Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thirteen People Who Have Influenced Me

Thirteen People Who Have Influenced Me# 4

1. Mom: (okay, of couse I can't write a list like this and not list the parents. For good or ill your parents have to be one of the strongest influences on you.) It's hard just pick something out and say this is how my Mom influenced me. There are so many things that I can think of, or not even think of, that I know had some influence on me growing up. What I'll mention is one I know of: her work ethic. I have a very strong work ethic. I work when I'm sick. I work long hours. I work all the time it seems. But compared to my Mom I'm a slacker. I honestly thought I would never see the day when my Mom retired. She finally did and though she doesn't have a job, it doesn't mean she doesn't work. She spends more time working in the yard, around the house, anywhere...she never stops.

2. Dad: Now time for the other side. (And not to say anything bad about my Dad's work ethic, he has a strong one and between the two is where I know I got mine.) But for my dad's influence on me I'll go with the love of books. I cannot remember a time when my Dad wasn't reading. He loves to read. I love to read. I read all the time. My home looks like a library. When I was a wee little toddler I was enrolled in a book club. I've been in book clubs all my life. My Mom isn't much of a reader, but my Dad is.

3. Brother: I've always said that if he wasn't my brother we probably wouldn't even be friends. At first glance my brother and I are worlds apart. He actually takes after my Dad in a lot of ways. Give them a hammer and a piece of wood and they're in heaven. Me, I have a hard time hitting a nail on the head. But my brother is one of the smartest (and I can say that cause I know he doesn't read this) people I know. Maybe even smarter than me. (And anyone that knows me knows I think I'm a fairly smart person.) He's also one of the most honest and trustworthy people I know. I've seen him go through some crap to take care of others when he really didn't have to, but he did anyway. He gave up a lot to take care of these others.

4. Stan Lee: Anyone that knows comic books knows the name of Stan Lee. Heck, if there is one name that people outside comics knows its probably his. When I was a kid I grew up reading the comics he wrote. This has nothing to do with his behind the scenes and screwing other creators, this has to do with the words he put in the mouths of Spiderman, Fantasic Four, Captian America, etc. He gave his heroes a nobility that is sadly lacking in today's four color heroes. He made me believe in the goodness of people, that it was good to fight for the underdog, that everyone was equal, I could go on and on but in his comics it was all there...what we could aspire to.

5. Harlan Ellison: Another writer. My list is probably going to tilt heavily in that direction. I can't help it. The written word means a lot to me. Another writer I grew up reading. In junior high and high school Harlan Ellison was one of my favorite, if not favortie writers out there. Besides his fiction, I loved his non fiction. The introductions and the bits inbetween his stories. He was another writer I learned the importance of standing up for what was right, not blindly following others just because it was the fashionable thing to do. I think he help influence my decision not to drink or do drugs. Someone as hip and cool as he was not doing either helped make my decision not to do either easier.

6. John Lennon: Besides his great music his life was a guide. He may not have always did the easy thing, or even the right thing, but it didn't mean he didn't try to do what was right. He put himself out there and was willing to make himself look like a fool for what he believed in. And than he decided that it was more important for him to raise his son so he just quit, gave it all up to spend time with his son.

7. Kermit the Frog: What more can I say? Tell me of a better role model?

8. Chief Harris: Back to names no one else knows. Chief Harris was one of my NJROTC instructors when I was in high school. I was a very shy kid when I was in class and he helped me try to get over that. He was just one of those teachers that took such an interest in me and talked to me and guided me. I think that if I had not moved my senior year and stayed there I would probably gone in the military due to him. Looking back on it now I'm glad I didn't, but who knows how my life would have turned out.

9. Ray David: Ray is only a few years older than me. I've know Ray for just about all of my adult life. He started working at Wilsons a few days ahead of me. Ray was always ahead of me, getting promoted first, getting his own store first. But he was always there helping me, giving me a hand when I needed it, pushing me to move up. The last few years are the first time in my life that I haven't worked with Ray and it's kind of strange.

10. Isaac Asimov: Another writer. A great in the science fiction field. His writing was always smart and inventive. A lot of writers don't put introductions or any personal elements in their books. Asimov wrote introductions for all his stories in his short story collections. I learned more about him as a person through this method. I learned how much he loved to learn. His love of learning and wanting to know as much as possible rubbed off on me.

11. Bully from 6th Grade: I don't remember his name, but to be truthful I have to put him on this list. In 6th grade I remember my science class, how much I enjoyed it, how I tried to answer every question the teacher asked. Until about a month in this bully started harrassing me for my lunch money. Now when I went to school I was the 98 lb bookworm, a bigger geek you could not find. But I never gave him my lunch money. But I did get quiet in class, I stopped answering so many questions unless called on. I don't know why, I just worried too much about him I guess. I never got beat up, but I think I always worried I would.

12. Sister: Forgot to put her up there with the rest of my family. She's about six years younger than me. She has spina bifda and lives with my parents. I'm not going to get into a lot of what's wrong with her, but she will never live on her own. When she was in her twenties she was a volunteer for the school library and won Volunteer of the Year. I didn't get to go to see her get her award but they taped it and I remember later watching it at home and the tears just running down my face.

13. Bruce Springsteen: For a performer to live his life as honorably as he has. Yes there are things he's done I may not agree with, but he has tried to live his life as honest as he can. You've never heard of a drug bust from him, he has tried to give back to the community. He puts his shows on but he tries to be more than just a performer.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Veronica Mars Tonight

Tonight was the end of the 13 week arc for Veronica Mars. The first two years Veronica had one central mystery that she spent the entire season investigating. This season they broke the mysteries into small arcs. The first one was a 13 week arc that ended tonight. Supposedly this was done to hopefully make it more friendly to viewers and pick up a few new ones. The real reason is that Veronica was only picked up for a 13 week run for this season at first. This way they the series could come to an end and they could package it as a DVD set with a beginning and end. Luckily this season seems to have picked up viewers and Veronica seems to be heading towards a full season of mysteries. Which is good since this is one of the best shows on tv today. And tonight's episode was very good. It's been said before and I have to agree that Veronica is the new Buffy.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Dave Cockrum Dies

Artist Dave Cockrum, 63 years old, died Saturday of complications from diabetes. Most of you reading this blog will probably have no idea who Dave Cockrum is. But you are all familar with some of the characters he had a hand in creating. Cockrum was co creator of the New X-Men. Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Storm and a host of others he helped bring to life. And like many old stories in the history of comics Cockrum received no lasting benefit from his creations. At one point he was living in poverty while his characters were coming to life on the big screen and bringing Marvel Comics millions of dollars. Finally Marvel was convinced to help his situation out. I have no idea of amounts but it couldn't have been close to what his characters brought the company.

I never met the man but by all accounts he was one of the nicest guys in the industry. Over the years his art fell out of favor with current fans, which is a shame. Cockrum had more talent and ideas than so many of the flavor of the month artists out there. He should have been creating comics till the end.

My sympathies go out to his family and friends.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Favorite Christmas Movie

I have to admit up front that I'm a sucker for these type movies. I think Charlie Brown's Christmas is great. I can't help but get overwhelmed by these movies and feel a few tears building up. I'm not sure what my favorite Christmas movie is, probably between Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire and It's A Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. If pressed I'd probably pick the latter. I've seen that movie a thousand times and I still get emotional at the ending of that movie. I just can't help it.

So what's your favorite Christmas movie?

Black Friday

The Thanksgiving Day weekend is just about over. Offically the weekend starts Friday and ends Sunday, actually this year it started the Sunday before Thanksgiving. What am I talking about? Retail. I work in retail, I've worked in retail for more years than I want to think about. This is the big weekend for retail sales. This year we broke the sale that normally breaks the Friday after to start part of it the Sunday before. We tried to spread out some of the sales throughout the week, bring in some more earlier. The days before Thanksgiving are more of a grocery shopping days, getting ready for the big meal, than out there gift buying.

That's all what it normally is like. But over the years there is no more normal. Christmas keeps get pushed back farther and farther. Used to be you wouldn't see signs of Christmas in a store before the Thanksgiving weekend. Than it started creeping back to just after Halloween. I've seen Christmas decorations going out in stores over the Labor Day weekend now.

This is a crazy time of the year for us. It can be a fun time, but some people just don't know how to take the holidays. I'm not a religious person, but the Christmas holidays should mean more than who can buy the most stuff or the who gets the coolest present.

I'm not even sure where I'm going with this post. I started it meaning to basically call out all the bad shoppers and the people that make this season such a pain but along the way I just decided that I didn't want to talk about that. Believe me before this season is over I'll probably post a few comments on the whole the customer is always right motto...but like this last weekend that has been so hectic and up and down I think I just am glad it's over.

Who Do You Want To See?

What musical group or performer that you haven't seen before would you like to see over any other? Who is the person or persons that you really want to see but just haven't been able to yet? Someone alive at the moment, otherwise I would say the Beatles. But pick someone that is alive or a group that is together.

My pick for the one performer that I haven't seen yet, but above all others want to see would have to be U2. There's a few out there that I haven't been able to see yet for one reason or another that rank high...Bob Seger, Tom Petty and a few others, but I think of everyone I would want to see U2.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

How Many Posts For This Month?

So far this year October saw the most posts of one month. This year is not going to beat last year as far as posts. I've had a couple lean months this year, when I was next to posting nothing. But October stands at 45 posts, so far this month I've hit 41. The month is almost over, will I beat October? With this cold and the after Thanksgiving rush at work it has left me little time or power to post. How many will I end up with for the month? Stay tuned to this same exciting channel for the answer. (And if this wasn't a fluff way of making one of those posts towards beating October!)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving from WKRP

This is from one of the funniest shows ever on tv and this is one of their funniest episodes. I still laugh at the ending, with Mr. Carlton. I won't ruin it if you haven't seen it yet, but believe me it's worth sitting through the whole thing for.

13 Favorite Concerts


1. Bruce Springsteen at JazzFest 2006: This is probably the concert that I will always compare others to. This to me, was the best, the zenith of concert experiences. It was the start of his Seeger Session tour, it was the first JazzFest after the hurricane. I've never been at a concert where the audience was literally in tears from the songs, until this one. When Springsteen did "My City of Ruins" I don't think there was a dry eye in the place. The most emotional concert I've ever been to.

2. John Hiatt Solo at House of Blues August 25, 2004: This was the first time I saw John Hiatt in concert. I could have picked any of his later concerts I've seen, he puts on a great show, but something about him doing his songs with just him and his guitar up there on brought an immediacy to his songs. And inbetween his songs his liked to tell stories about his life and where the songs came from that made this just an all out great show. Also this is the concert that introduced me to Will Hoge, who opened for him at this show.

3. Will Hoge at Bonnaroo June 11, 2004: And speaking of Mr. Hoge. I could have easily picked just about any of his shows I've seen, and I've probably seen more shows by Will Hoge than just about anyone else. Will never gives a bad show, but the last one I saw at TwoJaques in the French Quarter was probably as close as I want to come to a bad show, it wasn't bad, but Will played as if indifferent, like he wasn't all there that night. I almost picked his first show I saw, his acoustic show, with just him and his guitar, to me that will always rank as one of my favorites. But in the end I had to go with his show at Bonnaroo. Among all the big name acts there that weekend for my money Will blew everyone away. He played in this small tent with maybe a hundred people in the crowd like his life depended on it. I've never seen him play with more passion that night.

4. Theresa Anderson at Gretna Heritage Festival Oct 28, 2006: Theresa is a local artist that I've seen a few times, mainly at JazzFest and such. She always puts on a good show but this show was beyond just a good show. It was a beautiful day, one without the humidity that New Orleans is known for, with just a nice warm sun and her up on stage just singing her songs and wowing the audience with her voice and talent.

5. Wilco at Orpeheum Theatre New Orleans April 23, 2004: This was my first concert for Wilco. I've been a Wilco fan for a long time and the previous year had tickets to their show when they had to cancel because Jeff Tweedy checked himself into rehap. So I was eager for their show. And they didn't disappoint. Jeff has a good stage presence, joking with the crowd inbetween songs. But of course it is the songs that matter and that night they played them and made them matter. I'll still never forget when he asked a girl in the front that looked faint if she wanted to come up and sit on stage for a few minutes till she felt better.

6. Paul McCartney at New Orleans Arena Oct 12, 2002: What can I say? It was Sir Paul. This is as close to the Beatles as I'll ever get. And saying all that he put on a great show. Paul is a natural born showman. He did his greatest hits and a lot of Beatle songs. He even had some funny stories to tell.

7. Joss Stone at HOB April 27, 2004: This was the first time to see Joss for me. She was just starting to get famous, she still wasn't that well known yet. What can I say about that voice of hers? It's great. It was nice watching her on stage, seeing her not that used to being up there. After a hearty round of applause she would blush as if she wasn't used to it.

8. Shannon McNally at Louisiana Music Factory Aug 6, 2005: The Music Factory is a record store that caters to local artists. On one side they had a small stage set up and do local concerts there. It is about as intimate an affair as I'll ever get for seeing a concert. I'm standing in front, not more than four feet from Shannon, the stage is only about a foot high, so she's not that high above me, I could literally reach out and touch her if I wanted. Picking a favorite show of Shannon's is another hard one, I've seen a few and they are all good. This one was just a fun show and I enjoyed a lot.

9. Bob Dylan at UNO Lakefront Feb 17 1999: Another performer that I could have picked multiple shows from. I just picked this one as one of the ones I've seen, seeing Dylan is always an experience. He never sings his songs the same, he always puts a new spin on them that makes you think they may mean something different than what you thought before.

10. Buddy Guy at JazzFest 2005: For a man in his advanced years Buddy knows how to rock. As a blues singer he can wail and moan the blues, but he can rock. He was all over the stage. At one point he actually comes out in the audience and walks around, playing his guitar as he goes.

11. Gatemouth Brown and Friends at HOB parish July 24, 2005: This was not long before Gatemouth died. He was weak from his cancer at this point. The parish is a smaller room above the main room at the House of Blues. The stage is smaller and closer to the floor. I like seeing concerts here better than the main room, just for the fact that it's always the lesser draws and there are usually less people and it brings you so much closer to the singer. This show was a tribute to a legend while he was still alive. Sonny Landreth started out, than Walter "Wolfman" Washington came on and finally Snooks Eagin played. And in the end Gatemouth came out. He was hooked up to an oxygen tank and you could see how frail he was. I was front and center that night. I could see him struggling with the words. He played only a few songs before he had to leave, but it was still inspiring.

12. Brian Stoltz at JazzFest 2005: Brian Stoltz played with the Neville Brothers and a lot of other big names. He has only put out two solo albums under his own name. But after seeing this show I went and bought his new cd and had him sign it. He put on that good a show.

13. Who at LSU Concert Center 1979 (?): This one was so long ago I'm not even sure of the date but it had to be in the seventies. Moon was dead, Kenny Jones was on drums, but the other three members were there. I remember during one song, it was the Tommy suite that they started getting quieter and quieter, the instruments just amping down, and as the music got quieter the lights started dimming around the stage. It was all just a little at a time, so you started leaning forward to hear and see what was going on. Than suddenly the lights and sound exploded into Pinball Wizard. Everyone jumped backed as one.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


To everyone I hope you all have a great and wonderful Thanksgiving!


For anyone that has been looking for any new posts the last few days I've been sick. Between going to work and feeling like I just want to crawl into bed and not get out for about a week I have just not had the energy to post. Right now I can't breathe out of my nose and I might have to go back to work tonight for a few hours. I really hope I feel better tomorrow because I was planning on cooking a turkey for myself and doing up a nice thanksgiving meal for me and Buffy. If I feel this way I'll probably just roll over and go back to sleep. Oh, after I get up at five to go to work and let the overnight crew out. Bleh!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

What Type of Traveler Am I?

Your travel type: Culture Buff

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Smallville info

I for one am really getting tired of Lana Lang.

Another New Quiz

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Friday, November 17, 2006

What TV Show Deserves to be on DVD?

I'm a sucker for the DVD sets of old tv shows. I have a whole bookcase of them, from old classic shows to the new ones as soon as they come out. I've got the entire West Wing, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Friends, Sports Night, Homicide...well you get the idea. I think putting old shows on DVD is a great idea. Some shows I had been waiting to get the DVD treatment were Quantum Leap, Northern Exposure and Rockford Files. All three shows are now on DVD and of course I have all that have been put out so far. Another show was Wings.

So my question to everyone out there is what show or shows that you would like to see given the DVD complete series treatment? I would love to see WKRP in Cincinnati done. I wish they would finish Mad About You. They did the first two seasons and than stopped.

So what others ones would you like to see?

Hiring Blues

Ok, where I work one of my jobs is the hiring (and sometimes firing, it seems whenever a manager wants to fire one of their associates I somehow get asked to sit in, but that's a story for another time) of employees. With Christmas coming up, and Black Friday even sooner, I am trying to hire as many people as possible.

I still can't believe how hard it is to hire people since the hurricane. That was over a year ago. The parish (the rest of you call it a county) I live in has had a dramatic increase in its population since the hurricane. A lot of people that used to live in New Orleans is now living out here. So with so many extra people you would think I would be having the opposite problem, having to turn people away. That's what you would think. But it's been a problem since Katrina, and it still is a problem. No one wants to work.

Than there are the people like this one woman I hired. I hired her one day and she was supposed to come to orientation the next day. Doesn't show up. Doesn't call. No word from her. Ok, I figured she found a new job or just decided that this job wasn't for her. It would have been nice if she called to let me know. But lately that has been a big problem. No shows after I hire them. What gets me even more is the no shows after they sit throught an orientation. Why go through all the time and trouble of getting hired and sitting through a four hour orientation to not show up for work?

Anyways getting back to this one particular woman. No show so I file her application away. About two weeks pass. She comes in with a friend that fills out an application. She sees another manager and tells this manager that she wants to set up a new time for her orientation. This manager comes to me and tells me what's going on and asks if I want to set up a new time for her orientation. I tell her I'll go talk to the woman. When I get up there and ask if there is anything I can help her with she tells me no, she's just here with her friend. About an hour later she corners one of our admin people and tells her that I told her to let my person know she is supposed to set up a new orientation with her. Again I am called. If you can guess she didn't get the orientation.

So today, about half a week later I bring her friend in for an interview. She comes with her friend again. I hire her friend. As soon as I finish talking to her friend she steps into the room. She starts to ask if I think it would be possible....I don't even let her finish. I tell her no. She didn't show up, she didn't call. She tells me that she is living with friends and they don't have a phone. Only a cell phone. ??? I ask her why she couldn't call me on a cell phone. I tell her that she couldn't get in touch with me for two weeks to let me know what was going on there is no way I am going to hire her now.

Is it just me or am I crazy for thinking like this?

Thursday, November 16, 2006


1. Canadian Amp by Neko Case
2. Omaha the Cat Dancer Volume 4
3. Omaha the Cat Dancer Volume 3
4. Rex Mundi Volume 2
5. Rex Mundi Volume 3
6. Mary Tyler Moore Season 2
7. Nexus Volume 1
8. Profiler Season 1
9. Profiler Season 2
10. Nexus Volume 2
11. Alias Collected Edition
12. Lost Girls
13. Mary Tyler Moore Season 3

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


This is what happens when I'm bored and waiting to go to work. I'm just trying to kill a little time on here, so what follows is because of that.

It's strange but a lot of these quizes are actually fairly accurate in a lot of regards. I'll let you try to decide where they are right or wrong. (Maybe I really am Superman?)

I'm Superman

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What the Blog!?

This explains the new button on my sidebar:

What the Blog!? is a blogging community set up by Jen in Omaha for bloggers that just don't fit into one particular category. Maybe your blog entries and topics are kind of "all over the place" (just like life usually is!) and you just cannot put your blog under one particular label.

If this describes your blog, then welcome to What the blog!? . . .

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Northern Exposure and Quantum Leap

The fifth seasons of these two shows came out today. Two of the best shows ever produced. Northern Exposure was a critical darling when it first came out. Now it seems to not be quite as the favorite. I still think it is one of the best shows. The last season when Joel decides to leave it starts to flounder, but when it was at its best I don't think there's a tv show out there that can touch it. And Quantum Leap was another show that started to lose it in its fifth and final season. Not as bad as Northern Exposure did, but in an effort to find more viewers the producers of Quantum Leap started making Sam's leaps farther and farther back into time. I thought the concept of him only leaping within his lifetime novel. I did like the evil leaper, I would have liked to see more done with that. Just like at the end of Joan of Arcadia when they introduced someone for her to go against, then cancleded the series.

And I have a special place for Quantum Leap because I wrote the Christmas issue of its comic book version.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Ten Things I Did This Year

Barb from Skittles' Place (and for some reason I can't make a link, but just check my sidebar)has tagged me. I didn't realize how difficult this was till I started trying to think of 10 things I've done this past year.

1. I went to Disney World for the first time in years. How long? The last time I
went Epcot was just being built.
2. I made a MYSPACE page.
3. I visited my parents in their new home in Tenneesse.
4. I saw what may be the best concert I'll ever see.
5. I went to JazzFest for all six days.
6. I started writing again.
7. I lost an old friend to cancer.
8. I worked too many hours.
9. I brought my dog to the vet too many times.
10. I went to a lot of concerts.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Another Quiz

You are The Star

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I wish it told you what you missed. I knew the math was not going good, but the rest I thought was good.

Thanks to All

I just wanted to take a quick minute (has to be quick I'm back from work but have to go back for a store meeting in less than an hour) to thank everyone that has been sending good wishes and postive thoughts towards my Dad. It means a lot and I appreicate it a whole lot. More than that I just don't have words for.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dad's Home

Just got off the phone with my Dad. He got home from the hospital late yesterday. He is glad to be home and feeling better. He sounded very tired. He told me just walking across the room right now tires him out. But like I told him he just had major surgery on top of going through chemo. He just needs to take it easy and get his strength back.

Friday, November 10, 2006

What Type of Fortune Is This?

This one doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's better than the last one. I'm not having a lot of luck with this.

John's Fortune
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I'm Cheap

My blog is worth $3,951.78.
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Reading Is Fundamental

You know the signs at the register that read "20 or under"? Why do people think that applies to everyone but them? I just got back from Walmart and was behind someone in line that had a buggy of items. Now when I go to the 20 and under line I actually will count what I have in my buggy, so I make sure there is not more than the required limit. I just think it's fair for all the other people shopping. Maybe I'm a bit anal about it, but 20 and under means 20 and under! I ended up going to another line and getting checked out while the lady with the over 20 items was still getting checked out. I asked one of the clerks once about this and was told that they can't refuse to check the customer out, no matter how many items they have. They can politely point out to the customer after they ring them up that they did have more than 20 items. Like that's going to change anything. These are the type of people that go through life thinking rules don't apply to them. They're the ones that always expect everything to be done their way.

Sometimes I hate people.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Now let's just hope that we're in for a real change. Over the years as the word liberal became an obscenity the Democrats have turned just as right at the Republicans. I'd love to see the Democrats act like true Democrats and stop worrying about showing their liberal side.

And I love the fact that the Speaker of the House, one of the most powerful people in Washington, and two heatbeats away from the Presidency is a woman.

13 Facts

Thirteen Things about ME

1. I love music.
2. I love to read.
3. I have a dog named after the main character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
4. I spend too much time on the computer.
5. I read comic books.
6. I want to be a writer.
7. I am not married.
8. I am terrible with money.
9. I am a liberal.
10. I wish I could go back and finish college.
11. I don't really care for most sports.
12. I like to go to as many concerts as I can.
13. I am, if you couldn't tell from this list, a nerd.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day and West Wing

Today is Election Day. Hopefully it is also the day that the Republicans lose control of this country. But I'm skepitcal, even with most polls showing them behind. They should have lost the last two Presidental elections too, but managed to win them anyways.

Also today, and fitting in with the theme of politics, the seventh and final season of one of the best shows ever on television came out today...The West Wing. Watching this show reminds me what is good about our political system.

Dad's Health Update

Yesterday my Dad had surgery. My Mom said the doctor decided pretty much on the spot. What they thought was wrong turned out to be not so bad. It was scar tissue that was causing some of his problems. He still has the cancer, but his more recent problems were created by the scar tissue from his last surgery. He's still at the hospital but Mom says he's feeling better, better being a realitive term here. Still it's good news and makes me feel somewhat better.

Major Construction

As anyone that has been here more than once can tell, this blog is way different. Different design, different color, all around different. It's also missing a bunch of stuff. I'm in the process of redoing this blog. Blogger keeps bragging about how much easier beta blogging is, so I'm trying it, but it lost me everything that I had added over the last year. I'm going to see if I can add it back, but you don't use normal html tags, it's widgets? Anyone that has been dealing with beta and can help me add links and such back to the sidbars, your help would be greatly appreciated. I also upgraded to Internet Explorer 7, which also dropped a lot of stuff from my blog when I tried to view it. I've tried Firefox and get the same problem. So maybe starting from scratch with Beta will get me the ability to use Firefox. I'll see...if it doesn't work out I'll just go back to my old html user friendly format.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

How Quick Could I Get To Memphis and Back?

My Mom called earlier. She had to take my Dad in the emergency room this morning. He's been sick all week. He's been throwing up. He can't sleep and she said he has chills so bad he's shaking.

I feel so....I'm not even sure of the right word, but I just know it's not good. Helpless would be a good one. Living six to seven hours away makes it tough. I want to be able to go to the hospital to see him. She said he'll probably be in the hospital a few days. He is doing better now that he is at the hospital. They're not sure if it's a reaction to his chemo or something else. The doctor seems to think it's something from his surgery last year.

I talked to him last Sunday and he seemed to be doing really good. He sounded better than he has in awhile. He said he felt pretty good. He mentioned that he gets these chills now and then. And his lips swelled up, but that was due to the chemo. But he sounded really good.

The good thing about them being up in Tennessee is that this is where all my Mom's relatives live. One of my aunts and uncles lives just down the street from them. They called my Mom tonight to "yell" at her for not letting them know what was going on, they could have went with her to the hospital. My uncle told her he was awake and saw them leaving but didn't think anything of it. So there are lots of people around them that help, drive my Mom back and forth if she needs it, whatever they need.

But I feel like that should be me doing that. But I can't run up there everytime he goes in the hospital. I have a feeling that would be running up there an awful lot before we're through. Still it doesn't lessen these feelings I'm having right now. I'm glad they are there, there's a lot of people for them to lean on, but I wish they were closer so I could see them.

Friday, November 03, 2006

The 10 Worst Congressmen

Over the years Rolling Stone magazine has lost its standing as the Music Magazine. It doesn't know if it wants to be the hip mag with all the rap stars or the classic music mag for all those greying yuppies. It sometimes tries to be both with equally diasterous results. No bad word on certain acts are allowed. The Rolling Stones could put out an album of them farting and the mag would give the rock group five stars.

It's not always that bad. It still does some great interviews.

One area that I think it has if nothing gotten better over the years is in its investigate journalism. The Stone writes about some important stuff. The articles that became Fast Food Nation started in the Stone. Hunter Thompson wrote a lot of his stuff for the Stone. The Stone was the source for the stories about voter fraud in the last election. No, not the one where Bush stole Florida to win, but where he stole Ohio to win the next election. They've done some interesting stories about the Diebold voting machines.

Their newest issue talks about our present day Congress and calls it prehaps the worst Congress Ever! It also lists the 10 worst Congressmen (and women) currently serving time in our nation's capital right now. For those of you that don't read the Stone I thought I'd share those 10 with you.

1) Dennis Hastert (R-Ill): Calls him the weakest House speaker in history. Made $2 million off a deal he pushed through that creates a highway over land he owns. Knew about the Mark Foley scandal years ago, but I guess decided pages weren't worth protecting. With Bill Frist pushed a deal through congress that gave the pharmaceutical industry immunity from liablitlity lawsuits.

2) James Sensenbrenner Jr (R-Wis): Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. His solution to problems: lock 'em up. He wants to turn 12 million undocumented immigrants into felons. Any adult selling a joint to a teenager should get at least ten years in jail. He helped pass the law that makes it harder for people to declare bankruptcy and refused to consider an exempttion from the bill's restrictions for victims of Hurricane Katrina. He also voted against the aid package for Katrina victims.

3) Don Young (R-Alaska): Got $400 million to build two bridges to nowhere in Alaska. He told voted against aid for Katrina victims and suggested they could "kiss my ear!"

4) William Jefferson (D-La): This one is a little personnel for me, from my home state. Caught with $100,000 in his freezer, accepting bribes when he should be helping his constituents recover from Katrina. And the scary part is that he might win.

5) Jerry Lewis (R-Calif): Chairman of House Appropriations Committe. His best friend is lobbyist Bill Lowery and to get Lewis' vote you got to pay Mr. Lowery. The FBI has issued ten subpoenas involving Lewis' current operation.

6) Tom Tancredo (R-Colo): Just to the right of Adolf Hitler. Wants to halt all immigration, legal or otherwise. Suggested that in the future we should bomb Mecca and other holy sites.

7) Dick Pombo (R-Calif): Chairman of the House Resources Committiee. Wants to abolish the Endangered Species Act.

8) Curt Weldon (R-Pa): Vice Chair of the House Armed Service Committee. Still thinks Saddam had WMDs. If there's a conspiracy theory he probably believes it.

9) Hal Rogers (R-KY): Chairman of House Subcommittee on Homeland Security. If it's something that needs to be built for homeland security odds on Rogers is getting it built in his home state, even if the people building it aren't qualified to do so.

10) Marilyn Musgrave (R-Colo): An evangelical Christian. And that's almost enough to say right there. Wants to outlaw gay marriage of course. Wants to legalize concealed weapons.

Now Doesn't That Just Suck

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Space

For anyone that wants to see another part of me click on the myspace logo on my sidebar. It's the cover of the first issue of my comic Diebold. Here is where I talk pretty much just about comics. I review some of the new ones I've read recently. There are also some examples of some of my work over there, so far a couple of stories I've done and a few other things. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Don't We Have More Important Things To Worry About?

By now everyone has heard about the John Kerry joke. We have people being killed in Iraq, we have our liberties being stolen from us by our own govenrment, we have kids being killed in our schools, we many serious issues going on and on every news station I turn on what do I hear about? John Kerry's joke is an affront on our soliders fighting in Iraq. Well, no it wasn't. It was a joke about President Bush. Why don't these newsmen and women get so worked up over things that matter. Sometimes I am at a loss for words.


I've finally been able to get music on this site. If you stick around long enough you'll hear seven different songs play. At least I hope I have music on here, I've tried it before and have never been able to get any music on here. Let me know if you hear it...or if I'm just going crazy. If you click on the button on the far right you can check out each song so you don't have to sit and wait for all seven to play.

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