Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lorne Dies

Lorne (Angel)Image via Wikipedia

Andy Hallet, best known for playing the singing demon Lorne on one of my favorite shows Angel died March 29 of congestive heart disease. The character of Lorne was created after Joss Whedon saw Andy perform in a blues revue. Andy was asked to audition and won the role. It was his first acting job. After Angel went off the air he decided to pursue his music career instead of acting. I always like the character of Lorne on the show.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBase

I've thought of Facebook as another one of those many, many internet sites that seem to be popping up and everyone rushes to join and it's the buzz. I admit I joined a long time back, mainly because my niece dropped her myspace page and went to facebook. We seemed to keep up with each other better on myspace so I thought we could continue it on facebook. Except that I found Facebook ugly and confusing compared to myspace and hardly ever went on it. I found texting worked just as well to keep in touch with my niece.

Well for some reason, I really don't know why I went on Facebook yesterday and decided to look around. You always hear about how people are connecting on Facebook and finding friends that they haven't been in touch with for years. I'm not sure how they find someone on there, most people won't let you click on their profile and if you have the same name as probably at least a dozen others, how do you know which one is the person you're looking for. Still I put in a few names of friends I've lost touch with over the years.

Bingo! I had a hit. And what's even weirder is that he has just really gotten into Facebook in the last few weeks. I found two old friends, Jason and Claire. They used to live in New Orleans and hardly a week would go by without a bunch of us getting together. They moved to just outside Atlanta and a group of us would still visit them every summer. Than we missed a summer and before you knew it we were missing more.

I really don't know where the time goes. One minute we're the best of friends, talking and visiting. The next it's years later and we haven't talked since. No ones fault, just one of those things. But I found Jason online and we chatted in im for awhile. Than today Claire called and we talked even more. They have two kids who I thought of as family when they were younger. Now one's just joined the Marines and is in boot camp right now and the other is playing in a band.

Hopefully this summer I'll make a trip up there to see them all and make up for some lost time. And I'll stop talking bad about Facebook now.
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Voices to hear

It's been awhile since I did much posting over at my music site Voices to hear. Well I'm going to make up for that now. If you haven't checked it out give it a try. I'm trying to highlight musical artists at this site that you don't hear a lot of. I do profiles on them, record reviews and I have an interview called Simply Six where I ask as many artists as I can get ahold of the same six question. I've had Matthew Ryan, Shannon McNally, Susan Cowsill, Brian Stoltz, Tristan Prettyman and a lot of others answer. It's a fun little interview.

I've also just written a post entitled "CDs vs. Digital" which was partly inspired by some writing on here about the two forms of music.

If you like muisc I hope you'll like this site. If you check it out check out some of the artists that I've spotlighted or interviewed. I try to include a link to their MySpace page and a place to get some of their music. New Music needs our support.

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Why Wasn't Anybody Listening To This Guy Earlier?

I found this video over at Mark Evanier's blog here. Listening to this clip of some of his appearances over the last two years this man, Peter Schiff appears to have known what was coming. Watching the other experts literally laugh at his doom saying it seem frustrating now that none of them even took him seriously.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

John Boutte

I had heard the name of John Boutte long before I first saw or heard him sing. It wasn't until a French Quarter Fest that I actually saw him. It was during one of Paul Sanchez' Traveling Road Shows. Paul once played guitar and wrote a lot of the songs for Cowboy Mouth. After many years he left to go on his own, but he's really never on his own. He's always performing with other local artists. At this show he had John Boutte, Shamar Allen and Susan Cowsill with him. The show opened with John Boutte singing "City of New Orleans." I was sitting on the ground in the front and I was blown away. This man could sing. He reminded me a lot of Sam Cooke, but with his own New Orleans flavor.

I've put two songs here by him. The above mentioned "City of New Orleans" and also "Louisiana 1927" both songs are from the 2007 New Orleans Jazz Fest. The year before he did a show at Jazz Fest, the first one after Katrina. I missed his show and they didn't record that one, but the reviews said it was the show of the entire Fest. And this was the show where Springsteen performed what I thought one of the best shows ever. There wasn't a dry eye after he did 1927 from what I heard. These two versions may not be those, but they still hold a lot of power. And while you listen to "Louisiana 1927" he's updated it some, taking out President Coolidge and putting in W.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

More on Dollhouse

The Dollhouse CastImage via Wikipedia

I've only seen maybe three or four episodes so far but I'm beginning to feel like Dollhouse is not going to be for me. Maybe if I watched it in order it might have more feeling for me, but right now I'm not feeling it. I really don't care for any of the characters and that includes Echo. It's not that I hate this show, it's just I was expecting so much more, coming from Joss Whedon. And it's a show that I see a definite ending to, I don't see it continuing as a long running series. And from what I've read it probably won't.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Going to Memphis

Beale Street, showing King’s Palace Cafe, Beal...Image via Wikipedia

I've decided to forego New Orleans Jazz Fest this year. It was a hard decision but for a lot of reasons I'm just going to have to skip it this year. I may go one or two days, but that'll be the extent of my visits there this year. Instead of taking my vacation the first week of May I'll be taking it the last week of May and going to visit my Mom.

Anyone know any good places to visit in Memphis? (Feel free to recommend some, Vinny.) The last few times I've been up there to see her we've hit Beale Street, Graceland, Sun Studios, the Zoo and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few places. I like to take her someplace when I go up there. I'm thinking of Elvis' birthplace in Tupelo, it's a little over an hour from her house. She actually doesn't live in Memphis, but about an hour or so outside in Saulsbury.
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A Moment of Darkness

The weather down here isn't so good at the moment. We've got some severe thunderstorms tonight and into tomorrow. There's a tornado watch for all the areas around me. But all that said, right where I am today the weather hasn't been all that bad. It rained some this morning and than later tonight, but during the day it stayed rain free. The skies looked like they were going to drop down any minute all day, but they held off.

I was on the phone talking to my Mom when I lost power all of a sudden. It was off just long enough for me to tell me Mom I lost power and than it was back on. You know I have a bunch of flashlights, but why do they never seem to be near me when I lose power. At this time of night when the power goes off it gets real dark. The nearest flashlight was two rooms away.

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Missed LOST This Week

So what happened?

I did read somewhere that Ben was killed, but was it the young Ben or the older Ben? Was it Sayid like I said last week? Someone tell me what happened this week.

Treme by David Simon

City of New OrleansImage via Wikipedia

David Simon is one of my favorite creators of television shows. He was a journalist that wrote the book Homicide that the television was created from. Later he went on the create the HBO series The Wire. He's down here in New Orleans right now creating another new series called Treme. You can read more about it here. I'm excited because its David Simon and because it's going to feature a lot of New Orleans' musicians.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Borders Going Under?

The Borders Book and Music store at Kennedy Ma...Image via Wikipedia

At one time Borders was probably one of my favorite bookstores. The music selection was better than just about every other big box retailer around. I have a taste that sometimes runs to lesser known acts and at Borders I could find most of them. And the prices were reasonable, a lot less than at other places like Barnes & Noble. The Borders here is across the lake in Metairie so it's not someplace I go to every week. I would usually hit them up at least once a month and I'd never walk out with some new books or music. At the magazine rack at Borders I would get my new copy of Backstreets whenever it came out. Their section on books on music and musicians is better than B & N, I've got quite a few books about different musicians there.

But sometime in the last year things started to change. They moved their music selection around, making it smaller. And the prices went up. I started having trouble finding a lot of what I wanted there. I started making that trip across the lake less often, at least to go to Borders.

Are they getting ready to go out of business? Go here and read about it. Even though they're not my favorite book store anymore I'd hate to see them go under.

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Spiderman Saves The Day!

It's nice to have good news to report, especially with the recent posts about deaths. In Thailand Spiderman saved the day. Go read about it here.
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Eddie Bo Dies

Dang, it seems like everytime I write a post about someone dying I end up having to write a couple more. On March 18 Eddie Bo, a New Orleans musician died. Eddie is another of the great New Orleans originals. I just saw him perform at last year's Jazz Fest and he was in great spirit. Snooks left us not long ago, now Eddie. We're losing the greats.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tinted Windows

Later this month a new album comes out from a new group called Tinted Windows. While the group is new, the members are not, having been around in other groups for years. It's members are Taylor Hanson from Hanson, Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne, James Iha from Smashing Pumpkins and Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick. This is just great fun pop music.

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Ron Silver Dies

I missed this when it happened but on March 15 the actor Ron Silver died of esophageal cancer. To me he is best known as Bruno Gianelli on The West Wing. For his role he was nominated for an Emmy. He was 62 years old. A lifelong liberal and Democrat he became a staunch supporter of President Bush after 9/11. In February of 2008 he started his own talk radio show on Sirius Radio.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Test: Looking For A Music Player

I'm looking for a new music player to use to upload music to this site and my other site Voices to hear. I may still use the Muzibo, which is what I was using, but to continue it's going to cost me twenty five dollars. So I thought I'd look around and see what else is out there. I've found this one: aimini and am testing it out. I downloaded a song below, Lone Justice's "After the Flood."

One problem I see is that for some reason nothing on my Itunes that I downloaded from E Music is showing up. I can't figure that one out.

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Strawberry Fields

Twenty Five years ago today an area of Central Park in New York City was named Strawberry Fields in honor of John Lennon. It was designed by landscape architect Bruce Kelly. It comprises 2.5 acres of Central Park. For more pictures and info go here.

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Fun Day

Maritime Pine (Pinus pinaster)Image via Wikipedia

I look like I've been in a catfight. My hands and arms are covered with scratches. My brother came over today to help me cut down parts of a tree that is growing all over my yard. One branch is hanging so low that when I mow my yard I have to push it out of the way. Other branches were hanging dangerously over my fence and home. The bad part, it was a pine tree with lots of pine cones. There was no way to cut and move the branches without getting a lot of cuts and scratches.

You know, those branches didn't look so big up in the air, growing out of that tree. But once we cut them down and they were piled up on the ground, boy, did they look big. It took us three trips with a full pickup to get rid of all those branches.

I figured I owed my brother at least a free meal so afterwards we went to Chilis to eat.
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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Bloodkins

This is a new band I've been listening to and am enjoying quite a bit. Actually they're not that new, this video is from 1995, so they've been around for awhile. This video isn't the best quality, but as soon as I find a site to let me download music to my blog again I'll post some better music.

Old School Fridays: Songs with Baby in the Title

No song immediately came to mind when I saw this week's topic so I went to my Itunes and typed in "Baby" and came up with 231 choices. I'm now going through them to see which one might make it as this week's old school friday. I was going to go with a Dylan choice, he has a few songs with the word baby in their title but than I decided to go with a great song by the Beach Boys. This is from 1965 when Brian Wilson was still touring and singing with the group, as he provides the lead vocal on the song.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Alexis Grace Leaves American Idol

I really haven't picked any favorite yet on American Idol. I haven't been as faithful following it, I catch it when I remember. Still one of my favorites from what I seen was Alexis Grace from Memphis Tennessee and she was voted off this week.

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Breeding Fear

Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church, Houston, TexasImage via Wikipedia

The other day at work two older women came in the store looking for something they had seen on television. They were having trouble describing exactly what it was but the best I could get was that it was some sort of water purifying device. I brought them back to our camping aisle and showed them what we had there. Mostly what we have are tablets and filters for hikers or campers, nothing that you would use to purify a lot of water at one setting. I assumed it was some sort of 1-800 type of infomercial they had seen it on. No, I was wrong.

They had seen it on a Christian channel. They named the televangelist but I don't remember who it was. Evidently he's telling his televised flock that they need to be ready for another terrorist attack or worse. What I think he told them was that with President Obama leading our country we needed to be prepared for this country to fall apart and it was going to be every man and woman for themselves. They started to say something like that and than caught themselves and said in case of another terrorist attack. And I realized something. These two older women were scared. They truly believed what this snake saleman was pitching.

I wanted to say something so much to them. But how can you argue with such Godly logic as they've been given. People like this television preacher makes me so angry. They spew their hatred and fear and rake in their money and live in their mansions and drive their fancy cars while the people that listen to them are scared and learn to hate and fear others because they're not the same as them.

It's really just sad.

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Thursday Thirteen: Sexiest Rolling Stone Covers

I was over on the Rolling Stone.com site and saw where they were highlighting a gallery of their tv covers and asking what the readers thought were their sexiest. I decided to go beyond just their tv covers. Now I'm sure I missed some, I didn't go through all their covers, I looked through the gallery of covers they featured on their site and picked from there.

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar (It's Buffy, who else did you think would be number one?)2. Jennifer Aniston (if I was Brad I would have stuck with her.)

3. Evangeline Lilly4. Jennifer Garner (I am just in love with this woman, I can't help it.)

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt

6. Katie Holme (Pre Tom Cruise)

7. Janet Jackson8. Natassia Kinski
9. Nicole Kidman

10. Pat Benatar

11. Cameron Diaz12. Michelle Pfeiffer

13. Jessica Alba

Behind The Music

VH1 is bringing back its documentary specials of Behind The Music. I'll be honest, I haven't watched VH1 in years, so I thought they were actually still making the specials. Read more here about the show coming back. When I did watch VH1 I always liked the specials. When the music station was looking for an identity that would differentiate it from its sister channel MTV I thought these specials gave it that difference.

Below is a clip from the Aerosmith special.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Any big surprises tonight? Who didn't guess that the kid that brought Sayid his sandwich was Ben? And what will Sayid's purpose be for coming back that was foreshadowed in the coming attractions for next week, but to kill young Ben. I don't know why, but I'm starting to feel underwhelmed by Lost lately. I don't know if I feel like they're just making things too complicated with this latest bit of time travel or what. And I have to say, I'm starting to get tired of the soap opera aspect of Sawyer, Jack, Kate and Juliet. I'm in it for the long haul, but I feel like they're going off track somewhat. I want to start seeing some answers.

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