Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! When I was a kid this one of my favorite holidays. It was the first time my parents let my brother and me out by ourselves at night. We would get together with friends and go trick or treating. We lived in a trailer park with about three hundred trailers in it so there were plenty of houses to go to. And at our age we weren't going anywhere else. But it was the first feelings of freedom, or being older and being able to do what we wanted. We would go from trailer to trailer collecting our candy and laughing and joking and just having a good time.

Tonight I have to work. But I've noticed it doesn't seem like there are that many kids out trick or treating anymore. Maybe the times has just made parents more worried about letting their children out at night collecting candy from strangers. When I was a kid you heard stories about razor blades in apples, but that was more urban legend than truth. Today such tales are more truth than urban legend.

I've started reading Stephen King's newest novel LISEY'S STORY a few days ago. Approiate for Halloween. King is one of my favorite writers. When he is good he is very good and the few times when he's not, well the wait for a new Stephen King book is never long. And his new one is very good so far. My biggest complaint I've noticed about him in his books lately is he loves his little homilies, his old home sayings, he will have his characters say them over and over....

I'm over half way done and so far there have been no monsters or vampires or supernatural demons in the book. Well, maybe there is some supernatural in it, maybe a ghost, but what it is mainly is a love story and a story about a woman who is grieving for her dead husband and trying to move on with her life.

Very good so far.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The day at VoodooFest

It rained Friday so I was worried about it raining Saturday. But we got lucky, there was no rain. The day started off a little on the cool side, enough to require a light jacket. By noon the sun was out and the jackets were off. It never got higher than the high seventies, so the temperature couldn't have been better.

The only compalint I have is that the gates were supposed to open at nine. We were there around eight. I know, we're obessive like that, getting to these things early. It was me and Larry, my old Jazzfest partner. The gates didn't open till almost ten thirty. There was even an annoucement at nine from inside the grounds that the time was nine and the gates were opening. But they didn't. So we all stood around for an hour and a half waiting.

Still that was the only bad spot in an otherwise wonderful day. The acts we saw were:

Terra Diablo
Amanda Shaw
Rockie Charles
Trombone SHorty
Broken Social Scene
Imagination Movers
Shooter Jennings
Drive by Truckers
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Some of the acts we couldn't get close enough to take pictures. The Peppers were the band that everyone was there to see. It was packed, probably at least fifty/sixty thousand people there to see them. They put on a good show. The Meters were, as always, better than ever. These guys look like they are having fun on the stage, not worrying about anything. They play what they want to play, asking the auidence for suggestions, just playing anything. They have nothing to prove, these guys are four legends for their work.

Still the best act for me was the Truckers. These guys put on an awesome show. The night before Katrina hit New Orleans, that Saturday night, the Truckers were at at Tipitinas. They played to like two or three o'clock in the morning. They were the last act to play in New Orleans for some time. They did a version of Louisiana 1927 that was great.

The Peppers did a version of Arlo Gutherie's City of New Orleans. Flea didn't sing it, their guitarist did. I'm not sure who's playing guitar with them now, I know they've changed a few times. He started the song and than stopped and turned from the mike, cursing. He had forgotten the words. He came back with an apology and than sang it to the end. And he did a good job. Some kids next to us asked if we knew who had originally did that song. I guess they figured the two old guys must know that.

All in all we couldn't have asked for a better day. The layout for the fest was good and there was a lot there. This was my first year to make it, but I will be back next year.

Drive by Truckers

Quite simply the best show at the Fest.

Amanda Shaw

Amanda Shaw is 15/16 years old. She started singing cajun songs and playing fiddle. Lately she's been moving into pop/rock territory. She does a cover of the Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" She has a new song called "Brick Wall." I think she's pretty good now and has the potential to be even better. She can play that fiddle like nobody's business.

Rockin' Charles

Another of those old great New Orleans singers.

Imagination Movers

This was mainly a group that catered more to kids, but they were good.

Terra Diablo

This was a band from Scotland that I had never heard of. Wandering around the tents before any of the concerts started one of the tents suggested we check them out, they were selling their current cd for five dollars. So we did. And enjoyed them. They were really good, so of course we went back to buy their cd.

VoodooFest Pics

I know it looks pretty empty in these pics. I took them during the first half of the day, when it wasn't that busy. By one/two o'clock the place was getting crowded and within another hour it was packed. If I had taken another picture than you would have just seen crowds of people.


VoodooFest has come and gone. It was one of the best concert days ever. The weather was perfect, the site was great, and the music was the best. Or to put it better: Larry and I were sitting on the grass, leaning against the fence, watching all the pretty girls go by, listening to Shooter Jennings and eating some great red beans and rice, when Larry leaned over towards me and said "It doesn't get any better than this."

And he was right.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

TV Show Roundup

Just some observations on some of the new shows so far:

Heroes: The first episode I wasn't thrilled with, but each episode since has gotten me more hooked on this show. The newest show continued the streak. The scene with Nathan about to get beaten up or worse, when he just zips into the sky and takes off...very cool.

Studio 60: I hate to say that I'm not sure about this one. I loved West Wing. As the West Wing was ultimately the story of Josh Lyman, I think this show will be about the friendship between Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry. Some of it is very good, but the biggest problem is that it just doesn't seem to be about anything. I know it is, but after watching an episode it just seems to have not mattered.

30 Rock: Can't say much, I've only seen one and a half episodes, but from what I've seen it's pretty dumb. I was thinking this would be good. I like Tina Fey. But this show is so over the top with its humor it just loses me. It's like a long Saturday Night Live skit.

The Class: Started off terrible I thought. Gotten a little better, but it had no where to go but up. I still think it has some really terrible characters and writing but every now and than it made me chuckle.

Veronica Mars: Love it, still one of my favorite shows on tv. I just hope it survives, they've only ordered 13 episodes. If you're not watching this show you should be. With West Wing no longer on it is probably the best show on tv right now.

LOST: Some very interesting moments. I'm not crazy about Kate picking Sawyer, I think she should have picked Jack. The problem with this show is that it's hard to judge until you watch the entire season. I remember watching season two and not really liking it that much, but later when I watched it all on the dvd collection I found my thoughts changed. Still the first episode had a Wow scene right from the start.

Smallville: Only caught one episode so far, missed the first episode of the season. I've come to the conclusion that Lana is....well I don't' want to say what I think she is. She condemns Clark for keeping secrets but she is quick to keep her secrets and she doesn't seem to have much problems with Lex keeping secrets. Clark needs to get over her and move on. I still think that they should have killed her off instead of his father last season.

How I Met Your Mother: This series has grown on me. Of course Barney is great. But I think the writers have boxed themselves into a corner, Robin and Ted have been written to belong together like Ross and Rachel in Friends, in an episode from the first season evidently Ted tells his kids about Aunt Robin, meaning Robin isn't the Mother in the title. To me they've written these two characters to belong together. But maybe they're working that out now, with bringing them together, eventually they'll have to break them up. Maybe get rid of that feeling in the series.

Friday Night Lights: This is the show that all the non sport geeks are saying that "I don't like football, but I like this show." It's that good a show. They've kept me watching and like the geek above, I'm not really a fan of sport shows or sports.

That's about all the shows I've been watching. I haven't been able to catch all the episodes of any of these shows. NBC.com has been showing the entire shows, I managed to catch the newest Heroes since I had to work that night. I'm not sure if all the networks are doing this or not.

And finally the third season of WINGS just came out on DVD this week.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Today was Mr. Fred's funeral. They played the LSU fight song at it and if anyone knew Mr. Fred they would know it was so fitting. He would have loved it.

VoodooFest Is Coming!

This weekend is VoodooFest. Lots of good acts: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Drive By Truckers, Shooter Jennings, Amanda Shaw, Living Things, Meters, Whigs, My Chemical Romance, Irma Thomas, Wu Tang Clang, Cowboy Mouth, Kings of Leon, Duran Duran and lots more. Two days of fun and music...can't wait.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Saturday, October 21, 2006

What's In A Label?

I've been going through my old posts and labeling them. I've created categories for each post, such as Music, TV, Books, Politics, etc. Is it any surprise what my biggest category is? Nope, didn't think so. Music leads the pack by far. I'm not done yet, there are a lot of old posts to go through. And some of the posts probably should belong in more than one category. I'm sure I've missed some of the categories I should have put certain posts in.

This will make it easier if for some reason you want to read more of my previous posts on a certain subject. You click on the label at the bottom of the post and it pulls up all the other posts on that category.

I know, I know, if this doesn't show how geeky I am, nothing does.

What's Up With Firefox?

I keep hearing how much better Firefox is than Internet Explorer. I've actually downloaded and use it now and than. I just tried again. I pulled up my blog and it looks terrible on Firefox. It doesn't show everything. If you've been looking at this site on Firefox you're not seeing everything. It doesn't show my header picture from Alaska. The whole sidebar looks terrible, leaving stuff out or pushing things together.

Anyone have any idea why this is happening? Is there something I can do about it?

Asylum Street Spankers

I saw this on Peter David's site and found it too good not to post:

Mr. Fred, R.I.P.

As I've mentioned before in these posts I work in retail. One of the people that work with me as the door greeter is an older gentleman named Mr. Fred. Now this isn't just some door greeter, when you walk into our store Mr. Fred really greets you. Customers love to come in our store just to be greeted by Mr. Fred. Every kid that comes in gets a high five from him.

Mr. Fred is a huge LSU fan. And when I say huge, I mean huge. He can tell you what happened at a LSU game from twenty three years ago. He counts down the days between LSU football seasons.

About two months ago Mr. Fred had a heart attack/stroke while mowing his lawn. He went into a coma. He never woke up.

We put one of those huge greeting cards on a table at the front of the store to be signed by any customers that wanted to. We filled it completely, back and front. We put another one out and it was filled too. Not a day goes by that customers are asking about him.

Tonight I found out that he died a few days ago.

Crescent City Snow

Crescent City Snow
By Susan Cowsill

I feel like a kite without a string
Only my tail to guide me
Just paper and sticks and tattered sheets
Waiting on a friendly wind

Hold all our memories in one hand
So tight that you won't let them go
And in the other hand we pray
That the wind and the panic and the rain
Will all turn to a
Soft and quiet snow

A long time ago when I was young
I used to know everything
And now it's today and I am sure
That I don't know anything at all

Hold all our memories in one hand
So tight that you won't let them go
And in the other hand we pray
That the wind and the panic and the rain
Will all turn to a
Soft and quiet, gentle peaceful snow

When the Saints come marchin' in
I'll be walking to New Orleans
Eating beignets at DuMonde'
Singing Joni at the Carrollton Station
Hanging out at Jackson Square
12 o'clock I'll meet you there
Down on Frenchmen with Big Chief
Trying to find a place to eat
Tailgatin' at the Dome
Man I can't wait to go home

Our precious hearts are all shattered
Scattered across the land
But I know that I am going back
To the place where I know who I am

Holding all our memories in one hand
So tight that you can't let them go
And in the other hand we pray
That the wind and the panic and the rain
Will all turn to a
Soft and quiet, gentle peaceful, N-O-L-A,
Crescent City Snow

3 a.m. at the Circle Bar
Where the hell did we park the car
6 a.m. at the Christmas Lounge
Man we got a hell of a town
A town where you grandma tells my grandma
While they are sitting by the fire
And we all go down to the Audobon Zoo
Where they all ax (ask) for you
And they say
Who Dat
Who Dat
Who Dat say dey (they) gonna beat dem (them) Saints
Who Dat
Who Dat
Who Dat say dey (they) gonna beat dem (them) Saints
Oh when the Saints come marchin'

Friday, October 20, 2006

The All New All Improved Beta Version

Whenever I posted on my blog I've noticed that little note to the side that said there was a new improved Beta version aviable. Today I decided to go for it. I was a little scared. I was afraid that I would lose everything on my blog. I've spent a lot of time and a lot of hours on this thing, I sure didn't want to have to start completely over.

It updated and everything looked the same. Now I could change it from a template to a layout design, where they said it would be easier to add to the blog. Instead of using html it would use a lot of drag and drop. I tried it...to find it elminated everything on my blog except for the posts. Luckily it made a copy of my old blog that I could go back to. Somehow there has to be a way for me to add all my old stuff to the new layout style blog.

Most of this stuff you the reader will never see. It really just effects the behind the scenes of the making of this blog. One thing you can see it that I can now label each post. Like when I talk about Will Hoge I can label it music and if you click on the music label at the end of the post it will pull up all the posts I have labeled music.

The only problem is that I have to go back and label all my old posts. It lists over five hundred post I have made since I started this blog. So it may take me a little time.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

RiverBend is Back!

On my sidebar is a blog entitled "Baghdad Burning". It's written by "Riverbend", a woman, or as she puts it, girl blogger from Iraq. The first years worth of her blog has been collected in a booked entitled Baghdad Burning. She talks about what everyday life in Baghdad is like for those that have to endure it. It's at once uplifting and heart rending what happens to the people living there. Her last blog post was August 5. I was starting to get worried. In Baghdad there is so much that could have happened to her and no one would ever know. But today she has written a new post on her blog. I'm glad to see that she is still alive and well. Or as well as can be expected living under the conditions that she has to.

I don't see how anyone could read her blog and still support the war.

Check out her blog, you won't be sorry.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The creators behind Lost say they know where it's going and how it ends. I think that is important, that there be an ending. Every eposide of Lost throws some new surprise or mystery at us. After awhile you have to wonder if they really know what they're doing or just throwing a bunch of weird stuff out there to make everyone wonder what is going on. If there is really an ending, an explanation for everything that is going on, than that will be a good thing. But therein lies another problem. Lost is on network tv. If it continues to be as popular as it has been do you really think ABC will let the creators end it when they want it to end? I've read that the creators say it's pretty much a five year plan. That everything should come to a conclusion within five years. Now if Lost continues to pull in the numbers that they have for the first two years, does anyone really believe that ABC will let them end it when they want to? They'll make it drag out for another few years, until everyone gets tired of the questions and no answers. It's almost like you want it to slowly lose auidence share each year, till in the fifth year ABC tells them it's ok to kill the show.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Coincidence or Conspiracy

The other day I was looking for something to read and I noticed a book on my shelf called "What Really Happened?" by Cifford Irving. Back in the seventies Irving had written an authorized biography of Howard Hughes. Hughes hadn't talked to the press (or just about anyone) in at least fifteen years when Irving announced that he was talking to the mysterious billionaire. His book sold for at least a million. The only problem was the he lied about the whole thing. He had never talked to Hughes. He was gambling on the fact that Hughes was so press shy and let's face it, crazy, that the man would not come forward to contradict Irving's books. But Hughes did come forward and tell the world that he had never talked to Irving. The writer ended up in jail. This book is his story of what happened, how he came to write the book and everything else that went along with it.

Now comes the weird part. I just saw that Richard Gere has a new movie coming out late this year or early next year. It's called Hoax. And guess what it's about? It's based on Clifford Irving's "What Really Happened?"

Now when I picked up the book I had no idea of the movie. And just after picking up the book I see the movie is coming out. I feel like I'm living in an Oliver Stone movie. :)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Who's Ezra and why do they think they're better than him?

Went to see Better Than Ezra last night at the House of Blues. BTE is a home town band. Heather, Nicole and Sean all came to see the show. I've never seen them before. (The band that is, I've seen my friends before.)

I was very pleasantly surprised to find Susan Cowsill was the opening act. I am a big fan of hers and would have paid to just go see her in concert. She put on a great show.

By the time BTE came on the place was packed. I will say that they have a very fanatical following. I don't know if I've ever seen the place as crowded. And most of the audience sings along to every song. They put on a good show, but I am probably the only one in the 1500 there that liked the opening act more. I like their show, they did some covers, all their hits, but there was just something lacking about it. Everyone there would disagree with me but I felt like it was lacking passion, which I thought Susan more than made up in. Like I said I enjoyed the show, just wouldn't rate it as one of my top shows.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


I have to admit with everything going on lately I almost forgot today was his birthday.  Monday at work someone mentioned that it was Columbus Day and I went oh crap!  For some reason I always associate Columbus Day with his birthday.  I realized than that it was only a few days away.  So here it is.

I'm not going to make this a long post about him, I've done that before and will probably do it again before long.  All I want to do on this one is one thing and wish my Dad a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more to come.



The second in an ongoing list of the different acts I've seen in concert. As senility sets in I'm trying to remember them. I'm not trying to list them all at once, I figure off and on as I go on. And it's been awhile since I made the first list. Which you can find here


  • Wilco

  • Ryan Adams

  • Will Hoge (numerous times)

  • Joss Stone

  • Whigs

  • Hawthrone Heights

  • Marah

  • Bob Dylan (numerous times)

  • Paul McCartney

  • R.E.M.

  • Cher

  • Leann Rimes

  • John Hiatt

  • Alan Jackson

  • Martina McBride

  • Incubus

  • Brownsville Station

  • Kings of Leon

  • Wallflowers

  • Sum 41

  • Kenny Chesney

  • Uncle Cracker

  • 3 Doors Down

  • John Fogerty

  • Gatemouth Brown

  • Sonny Landreth

  • Shannon McNally (numerous times)

  • Wolfman Washington

  • KT Tunstall

  • Gretchen Wilson

This list jumps all over the place. A lot of acts I've seen in the last few years, but a few from even longer ago. But there's still a lot more to come


They're often the butt of late night comedian's jokes.  Or they're looked on as some sort of   quaint type of cult.  But how many people would have been so forgiving?


Monday, October 09, 2006

First Day of Chemo

Today was the first day of chemo for my Dad. I just got off the phone with him and he sounded surpisingly good. He said he felt pretty good, just tired. I know that after just one session it's too early to get my hopes up, but it's hard not to. He said it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. He was bored more than anything, he has to sit around for four or five hours while they give him the chemo in doses. He goes again tommorrow. He plans on taking a book to read while he goes this time. He goes twice a month, twice in those two weeks.

I do have to admit that tonight was a phone call I was scared to make. I was afraid what I would hear. I'm glad at least it's starting out better than expected.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Rollercoaster of A Week

This has been a very emotional week for me. At the start I learned my Dad's cancer is back. To make a long story short, he's dying. If we're lucky the chemo will help him, if not they're not sure how long he could have. So that's been a constant throughout the week. I'll go awhile without thinking about it, but than it hits me again and it will be all I can think about. The other night I was up most of the night because I couldn't get it off my mind.

I feel guilty when I'm enjoying myself and not thinking about it. I feel like I shouldn't be having fun. I know that's not true, but it's hard to find myself having a good time and than remember what he's going through.

I've talked about the importance of music many times before and this week proved to me how important it is. The week started with Shannon McNally and Charlie Sexton and than later Grayson Capps. It ended with Theresa Anderson and Will Hoge. Listening to their music was very helpful for me.

I don't want to turn this blog into a sob fest of how terrible I feel. I consider myself lucky. I may be losing my Dad and it is going to hurt, but I have to think of the years I have had him. I think about the last ten years of his life. He and my Mother got to retire and move out to the country. With the combination of their retirments they actually have been making more money than they ever had, plus they have a lot less expenses. They have had a good life and have been enjoying themselves. I want to focus on the good, because I know the bad will be be here soon enough.

Theresa Anderson has a song called "Fine Line" that she sang Saturday. It is written by Gary Hirstius.

"Life's hard
But at least you have it"

She turned these two lines into a celebration of life that day in the sun. Listening to her I couldn't help but think about my Dad and in the sadness was joy.

Will Hoge

Theresa Anderson

Saturday and Music

Saturday was one of those days that I was going to be everywhere. It started off with me and Larry going downtown. We spent a few hours wandering the French Quarter and checking out Tower Records. The sad news is that Tower has offically decided to shut its doors. This really sucks for New Orleans. Virgin Records which had a big two story store before the hurricane never came back afterwards and it doesn't look like they plan to. Now Tower will be gone. Tower was a good place for me to go and find some of the harder to find bands and performers I like. We still have Louisiana Music Factory, but it caters to mainly local artists, which is great, but is far from solving the problem.

We ended up eating at Jimmy Buffet's Margitaville. Neither of us had ate there before and we just wanted a quick hamburger. We both agreed that the hamburgers were very good there. Not at all what we expected.

After the Quarter we drove over to the Westbank and checked out the second day of the Gretna Heritage Festival. Mainly today we were here to see Theresa Anderson. Theresa is a great local artist that is originally from Sweden. She has lived in New Orleans for about the last fifteen years. Her last ep is amazing. I have kept in my car and literally listened to it like five or six times in row. If anyone has seen "A Love Song For Bobby Long" (which I mentioned in a post about Grayson Capps) she also has music in that movie. She plays the fiddle, guitar and banjo and sings like a dream.

She gave a great show. She doesn't write a lot of her own material, but she is very smart at picking the songs she covers. She did a cover of Gillian Welch's "I Wanna Play Rock n Roll" and even a Wilco song at the end.

After that we headed back down to the Quarter where we were supposed to meet Heather (see I do mention you in here!), Nicole and Nick. Tonight we were off to see Will Hoge at One Eyes Jacks.

After meeting them we went to Fiorellas to eat. Great meat loaf dinner. And I only had to hit Nick once with my croc.

The show was late tonight so we still had plenty of time. We walked Bourbon Street. I haven't been on Bourbon in a long time, before the hurricane. It was packed. In fact the entire Quarter seemed busy and even later that night when we were leaving at like two in the morning it was still jumping. It was good to see that things are getting back to normal. Big Daddys is still on Bourbon. Sorry, this has a special meaning for me, it was the first strip club I ever went to.

Finally we got back to see the show. As always Will Hoge puts on a great show. He had a few new numbers from an upcoming cd tonight. I really enjoyed "Southern Belle". A good show, but not one of his best. He seemed distracted during the show. Normally he likes to talk and banter with the crowd. Tonight he hardly said two words. One song went into the next. He didn't even introduce the band. Seemed like something was wrong.

After the show we all headed for home and I was ready for bed. It was a long day, but an extremely fun one.

More Pics of Gretna's Heritage Festival

More New Orleans' Pics

Friday, October 06, 2006

New Orleans Pictures

Gretna Heritage Festival

This weekend is the Gretna Heritage Festival. Gretna is on the Westbank, across the river from New Orleans. The Fest is tonight, Sat and Sunday. It's nowhere near as big as the Jazz Fest. They set up four stages and block off the streets and have vendors set up crafts and foods. There are rides and games for the kids. A fun time for all as they say. The acts are ususally local acts or former big names like Grand Funk Railroad. Not that some of these big names aren't worth seeing but I'm more interested in the local acts. Tonight is Irene Sage and Benny Grunch. Tommorrow is Theresa Anderson and Sunday is Rosie Ledet and Amanda Shaw. Tommorrow I'll only be able to see Theresa and than have to leave. Will Hoge is playing downtown tommorrow night. Will is an act not to be missed.

It was strange being in Gretna tonight. I used to live on the Westbank. I lived over there for at least ten years. I haven't been to Gretna in years. I still go to the Westbank because that is where my brother lives, but I haven't had a reason to go to Gretna in a long time. I have to say, it hasn't changed. It looked pretty much exactly like I remember.

Where we were watching the concerts was over the levee next to the river. The rest of the Fest was on the other side of the levee. We had a nice crowd, but not that big. So after Irene finished Larry and I walked over the levee to be greeted by a whole lot of people. The place was packed. I had no idea that there would be this many people there.

So I took some pictures of New Orleans from across the river that I'm going to try to post on here.

Irene Sage

Irene Sage started her show at 6:30 and played till 8:00. The day ended and a full moon came up as she sang her song "Full Moon Rising". She brought Coco Robochieux out for a few songs. They did a killer version of "I Shall Be Released", one of my all time favorite songs in the world. She was great and the entire show was great.

A Perfect Spot For A Concert

This is where the concerts were tonight. Isn't it a beautiful spot? The weather was wonderful too, the humidity was almost non existent. There was a breeze blowing in off the river and it was almost chilly.

Riverboat at Dusk

I think this picture came out pretty good.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Construction Up Ahead

I've been spending the morning trying to update some of the links and other stuff on this site. Some of my links have moved and I've failed to follow up with a new link, some have disappeared, others changed and my poor little old blog has not kept up with the changing times.

So I'm trying to get everything updated. Hopefully when you click on a link it will bring you directly to that site now, not an old site with a link to go to the new site. And I've had to drop a few sites or blogs. If your site hasn't updated in months and months I've decided that you probably aren't going to update anytime soon and I've dropped you. I've also dropped a few that I find myself not visiting anymore. Nothing against the site or blog, I just stopped visiting so I figured there was no reason to keep it in the sidebar.

I've also moved a few links around. Some there were under the comic book sites are now under the blogs I read site. Now none of this will be the least interesting to anyone but me, but I figured that if you were more of a blog about comic books and other things I would move you to the blog section. The comic book sites are more news and what's going on in the world of comic books, ususally done by more than just one person. See I told you none of this is very interesting, just some weird part of my brain that I have to accept.

I'm still working, I've got some new sites to add. But I'm off to get a new stero put in my car. I've been thinking about it for awhile now but the cost was pretty high. And what really chapped my hide (ha!) was that the installtion was going to be close to $200 alone. But I went and talked with the salesman last night and we figured a way to make the installtion about $50 and the whole thing ended up costing me a lot less than I had at first thought.

Back later with more new sites and just lots more fun!

I've drank the Kool-Aid

I've succumbed to the pressure, I just couldn't take it anymore. Yes, I know have a My Space page.

Actually the My Space page is more for my comic book writing and so-called career. I know I talk about it some on here, mention comic books now and than, but I wanted a place that I can network with other writers and artists and everyone keeps telling me My Space is the place to be for that. So I've created a page just for that. And like the nice person I am I've included a link to it on my sidebar.

Now don't worry, I'm not about to leave my blog here. This blog has become fairly important to me over the last year. From the friends I've met on here, to just being able to have a place to talk about whatever I want to. I've acutally had the My Space page for awhile now, so I can do both. In fact if anything I'm more tempted to ignore that page. I've really just started to try and get it going from more than just a small page with nothing on it to something that might actually help me with my writing career.

So go visit it, let me know what you think. I'll probably still bore you on this page with some comic book related stuff, but the majority of it will be over there.

One More Reason I Don't Like Nike

Last night I watched Friday Night Lights. (Which by the way got off to an excellent start.) What I want to talk about here is a commerical I saw on the show.

It was an ad for Nike. They showed a bunch of football players in school, in class and walking through the school and than playing football. While in class the players basically sat around doing nothing and could not answer the question the teacher posed to them. They ignored the teacher and than left class to walk through the school like heroes.

To me and feel free to correct me if I got it wrong it seemed to show that playing football was more important than trying to get an education. Just the type of message we need to be sending our young people. I'm not making an attack on football here, but how many high school players make it to college? How many college players make it to the pros? How many of these players that are considered the great saviour of the team get an decent education that can help them when they don't make the team as a pro. Than what do they do? It may be a cliche to say that a lot of these players are coasting through school and not learning anything, but it's a cliche for a reason. It's true.

And here's Nike helping to tell everyone it's ok to be a big bad football hero and not learn anything. Football is all that matters.

Shame On You Mr Springsteen

You've all seen it. The new cd by Madonna or Mariah Carey comes out, only to be followed within a few months by a new updated - BETTER!- version of the same cd. What it is, is the same cd with a couple of songs added. I always thought this was a shameful process to get the real fans of these singers to shell out more money to buy the same cd again.

Still it didn't bother me all that much. I'm not a fan of most of these singers. But yesterday Bruce Springsteen did the same thing. A few months ago he came out with The Seeger Sessions. I think it's one of his best pieces of work, even if it's cover songs. This is a great cd and even better live. I won't go on about his Jazz Fest appearance doing these songs, just to say it was perhaps the best concert I have ever seen. So yesterday Springsteen released The Seeger Sessions with five new songs added.

Now I'm a big enough fan of Springsteen that I want those five new songs. Especially an offical release of "How Can A Poor Man?" My gripe is with the format. Used to be when a performer wanted to put out four or five songs they would release it as ep. Now this was back in the old days when albums actually came out on vinyl and they were different sizes and speeds. An ep was normally a size between a 45 and an actual album itself. With cds all being the same size today, the physical difference between a 45, ep and album are kind of mote, but they still use the terms and still release the format. CD singles are out there. CD eps are out there....Theresa Anderson's latest release was such and I consider it her best work yet.

So why not put these five new songs on an ep? Charge seven or eight dollars for it. Instead they put it on the same cd that his fans have already purchased and most stores that I have seen are charging more than the normal rate for a cd because of the extra songs. Most new cds go on sale for ten dollars. The lowest I've seen this cd on sale for is 14 dollars, a lot of places are asking twenty dollars for it.

Yes, I bought it. I'm that big a Springsteen fan. And that's what he's counting on. His fans are just that...fanatic about his music. So he knows that most of them will but the cd...again.

When other performers do this it doesn't get me all the worked up. With Springsteen, rightly or wrongly, there is a sort of trust between the singer and his fans. We look at him as more than just some guy getting up there singing songs for a buck. And I guess that's why this act feels almost like a sense of betrayal. No, I'm not saying he shouldn't try to make as much money as he can. But not at the expense of his fans, and that's what this feels like he's doing.

I enjoy his new music on the cd, but someone tell me why he couldn't have released them as an ep?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Grayson Capps

Grayson Capps did a show at the Music Factory yesterday after Shannon and Charlie. Grayson is a local artist. Or he was a local artist before Katrina. After the hurricane he moved to Tennessee and it looks like he might stay there. If anyone saw the movie "A Love Song For Bobby Long" it was written by Grayson's dad and a lot of the music in there was his, including the title cut. This was the first time I've seen Grayson live and he puts on a good show. He had to cut it short because they had a concert in Mobile that night at seven.

Shannon and Charlie

Shannon McNalley and Charlie Sexton did an acoustic show at the Louisiana Music Factory yesterday. This is a record store that specalizes in local artists. They did a wonderful show. Everyone knows how I feel about Shannon, I think she is one of the best artists of the last few years. Hearing her music this way was an insight. Her and Charlie have an easy banter together. Having worked together on her last album it is evident they have developed a friendship. And Charlie ain't no slouch either.

And I learned that her new album will be out in Feb produced by the legendary Memphis producer Jim Dickeson.

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